What is CashChat?

Cash Chat is a fun and sure way to communicate with your interested Instagram influencer.

How to Send CashChat
Step 1

Please enter "CC.CC/InstagramUserName" in the Internet Address bar

Step 2

Enter message and amount and purchase cashchat

Step 3

When payment is complete, the amount and message are delivered to the other account.

Step 4

The other party must respond to the message to receive the amount.

How to make a link?

All you need to do is type "CC.CC/InstagramUsername" in the Internet Address Bar. Try using your Instagram username.
e.g.)https://cc.cc/bts, cc.cc/blackpink

Even if the other person didn't sign up

Even if the other person hasn't signed up for CC.CC yet, you can send a message if you know his Instagram username. Once the person knows that the message has arrived, he can sign up for CC.CC and receive the amount and message.

10% Fee

You will pay a 10% commission when you receive the money.
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